Return on investment for your P2P service

Capture more value in every transaction, while increasing retention, growth and volume.

A Whitelabel eCard Platform

Add Vouchr to your existing money transfer service and enable your customers to send an eCard with their transfer.

The Details

Take a tour of the capabilities that come out of the box

End to End Interface
Fully themable UI and interfaces that seamlessly fit into your existing money transfer app or website.
Cash Gifting
Bundle your money transfer with media rich content for any occasion.
Loyalty and Rewards
A built-in loyalty and rewards system designed to mesh with your marketing goals and drive more transactions.
Convert P2P from a loss to a revenue generator with premium content, merchant offers and more.
Beyond Gifts
Drive even more every-day transactions by letting your customers personalize their transfer with their own photos, videos, notes and more.
Create virality and drive new registrations with a library of super fun shareable games and content.
Generate personalized eCards on the fly, create rewards, contests or get creative with our flexible API.
Send personalized eCards from your business to your customers or optionally add a promotion.

Experience it for yourself

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How does it help you

Capture more value from every transaction

Drive new registered users

Vouchr turns eCard recipients into new customers for your service.

Increase transaction volume

eCards give customers more reasons to send money all year long.

60% Returning Users

eCard drives loyalty and brings your customers back to make more transactions.

Drive Revenue

Turn P2P from a loss to a profit center. Recover your costs while giving customers what they want.

Your Toolkit

We give you the tools to get setup quickly

Easy Setup

Create and theme an end-to-end eCard service and seamlessly integrate into your existing app in a few steps.

Fully Configurable

Use the admin dashboard to turn features on and off and change the look and feel on the fly.

Content Creation

Use content creation tools to build your own content, and manage your own eCard store.